Photographs Form The Basis For Our Portraits

All of our portraits are created from photos. In order to achieve the high detail and likenesses in our portraits we ask that a series of good, high quality, photographs be supplied to use as the foundation for a great painting. If necessary, we will be happy to take photos for you. Photographs should be taken at the highest resolution possible and either emailed or mailed as prints or on a CD. The quality of the photograph is very important for the creative process, photos received will be evaluated, if the quality is not sufficient (e.g. out of focus, etc.) new ones will be requested to use as reference.

In exceptional cases, such as a deceased pet or subject, we will work with the material and modify the artwork until the client approves it. In such a case, extra charges will be made depending on the amount of modifications needed. If the portrait is to be of more than one subject the painting can be composed from single photos of each. All supplied photos will be returned along with the finished portrait.

Before backgrounds and finishing details are made a digital copy of the product will be emailed for approval and or changes. Once changes are made and the product is finished another digital picture will be emailed for final approval. After shipment, all portraits will be posted online on our web site for you and your friends to view and enjoy. The client owns the original, and Vigano Studio reserves all commercial publication rights to our creations. No commercial use can be made without a negotiated release and approval by Vigano Studio.

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