Oscar Viganó

Mr. Viganó is a versatile artist who has studied fine arts in his native Argentina.  He started his professional career when he was only seventeen years old by illustrating and writing for comic books. These assignments challenged his creativity while allowing him to hone his knowledge of the human figure and animal anatomy. His paintings represent his fascination with people, animals, places, and the effects of light. Although realistic his style is far from photographic. Painting alla prima in oils and fresh brushwork in watercolors he strives for natural poses, expressions and lighting to give life to his paintings. Mr. Viganó describes his works of art as the capture of a moment in life, characterized by a man lost in thought, a horse turning to look,  a lonely horseback rider crossing the pampas after the storm, the sunset turning the color of the prairie orange, or the puzzlement by the stories that might be hidden in the decrepit old farm.

In 1962 Mr. Viganó immigrated to the United States where he worked in New York illustrating and producing slide presentations at several studios including Paramount and Oriolo Film Studios. He later worked as an animator in Felix the Cat, Hercules, and as a storyboard illustrator for the Johnny Zipher TV series. In the late sixties he became a consultant with IBM, establishing the world’s first computer animation studio producing the first ever computer generated commercial cartoons advertising ARCO oil products.

Much of his inspiration is based on his experiences while traveling the world as a successful international consultant. As such he has worked for US Government agencies and foremost American institutions and Universities in the fields of agriculture, health, and democratic initiatives.

Mr. Viganó has written and produced film and video documentaries on social and economic subjects in Central American and Caribbean countries. His work included developing public education campaigns and creating illustrated materials used to reach the public on health, agriculture and democratic initiatives in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Mr. Viganó has also developed and taught courses on Rural Education Planning  at the Summer Courses of the University of Chile Medical School.

His art has been exhibited throughout Latin America and his paintings, watercolors, and sculptures are in private collections throughout the region.

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